Family Caregiver Preparedness: Mastering Caregiving Decisions


Family Caregiver Preparedness: Mastering Caregiving Decisions

For five days beginning May 1, we’re sharing our thoughts about being prepared for a caregiving experience, for what happens during a caregiving experience and then the aftermath of a caregiving experience. I’m collecting data and stories on the topic of Family Caregiver Preparedness, or the lack thereof, and how it affects you, your caree, your caregiving experience, and your life overall.

Today, on our third day, I'd love to hear your thoughts about experiences with caregiving decisions. How often and how much can you involve your caree in decisions? What discussions about decisions can you have with the care team? How do you use financial planners, attorneys and mediators with decisions? How can you engage the family unit in discussions about decisions?

Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Thank you for sharing your experience! This helps tremendously as I continue to gather stories and data on this topic. I hope writing about it will be helpful for you as well.

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I care for my BF as he journeys, slowly, back from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury. All the decisions rest on me, at this point. His family fully trusts that I am going to do what is best for him in the long run. Most often I will let them know what is going on and make my decisions based on his needs. We have gone from no input from him to him being able to make a choice of what shirt or pants he would like to wear. For now, he is only given 2 options. I look forward to, hopefully, having more input from him.


My husband and I are the primary caregivers for my mother. He and I ultimately make final decisions regarding mom. I include my siblings in discussions and try to honor their input in all matters. However, my husband and I know my mom day-to-day and have the responsibility for her well-being and financial status. I have visited with her attorney and I attend all medical appointments and take the lead in discussions. I am very comfortable having conversations with the medical care team at this stage. I will discuss options and ideas with mom and get her input...absolutely. However, at the end of the day, I need to make sure she is absolutely safe, loved, and well-cared for to the best of my ability. I have always been close with my mom and she trusts me with her care.