Father's Day Visit


Father's Day Visit

From Grandpa's feeding tube. From Grandpa's feeding tube.

Today we were installing the air conditioning in the living room and my mom had to move a vase that had colored rocks and lucky bamboo. She decided to change the vase and as she was washing the rocks she found the tip from the nozzle of my Grandpa's feeding tube (pictured). To make the nozzle fit his g-tube I had to snip the tip off and sometimes it would go flying.

Right away she brings it to me and I know that it's a sign from my grandpa. Of all days to find something like that is no coincidence.

I love you, Grandpa. Thank you for being the father I needed.

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My mom finds pennies and dimes and I see butterflies!

Lillie Fuller

I love when things like that happen! I would definitely say that was a sign from Grandpa!