Feeling Frustrated and Yet Hopeful


Feeling Frustrated and Yet Hopeful

paint-117599_640I had a very frustrating day yesterday. I took my client and her difficult son to the eye doctor yesterday and had a very frustrating day! He refused when I offered to change her when we got back an  told me that this he helped take care of his dad when he was sick (he was mentally ill and had dementia) and he could take care of his mom. He's also going on a cruise at the end of April and end of May and is taking his mom and sees no problem with this. She is incontinent and all she wants to do is sleep. When we were waiting for her son to be done at the doctors she wanted to lay down on the floor and I told her "no" which made her mad as her son lets her do whatever she wants to do! I did call the doctor this morning and left a message,

There was a bight spot yesterday! My in-laws have a room in their house that has paint peeling from the ceiling. This has been that way for months and my father-in-law has done nothing about it. Well my AH went over yesterday and brought the supplies for his dad to do the work. So no my father-in-law has NO excuse not to do the work.

Thanks for letting me vent!

Happy Friday to all!!

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I can't imagine being the middle man (or woman) between a caree and the caree's relative who refuses to let you do your job. That would drive me mad, and be incredibly frustrating. Good for you for persisting in such awful circumstances.


It seems like a difficult position to be in - you see how things need to be done differently, but the son has more power to control how he cares for his mom.


Hi Maria--I hope the doctor can help with your client. It's such a worry that she's not getting the right amount of care.\r\n\r\nI hope your father-in-law uses the supplies. :)