Feeling Hopeful Yesterday, But on the Rocks Again Today


Feeling Hopeful Yesterday, But on the Rocks Again Today

bleeding-heart-244354_640After finally finding a new doctor for my husband and having spent a full hour with said doctor on Monday afternoon, both of us felt a sense of hope again for the first time in ages. But today, after a very bad reaction to one of the new medications this new doctor prescribed, I am feeling so lost and sad about any prospects for improvement for my husband.

The medication caused him to hallucinate and be completely drugged out for 14 hours over night last night.  He also got out of bed and fell as a result. I spent all morning waiting for a call back from the doctor.  After my second call he eventually called me back. We are back to the beginning again, where nothing seems to make much difference to the situation.

All of this effort is just tinkering around the edges and  it feels like a dark force is dragging him down and nothing we do will help in the end. I feel so bleak. Bleeding all over this blog at least allows for venting, but doesn't change anything.

Thanks for listening and I'll try to be more upbeat next time.

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This is a good place for venting emotions. I'm sorry you're feeling discouraged right now.


Hi Sue--I am so sorry! These difficult days require so much courage--I hope that it helps to know that we are here to prop you up. \r\n\r\nI so hope you can find comfort today in knowing that you and your husband continue to do your best under really stressful circumstances. \r\n\r\nPlease keep us posted as you can. We're always glad to sit with you on the rocks. :)


I'm with Jan. Don't ever feel you need to be cheerful on our account. We've all been there -- you go from a high to a low just like that and it's as though somebody sucker punched you and knocked the wind right out of you. I know well how you feel about the seeming futility of it all. Sometimes I ask myself \"Oh please, who are we kidding? We're all engaging in this big pretense that these small changes make things better and we're just ignoring the big picture.\" Luckily that feeling doesn't stay with me -- and I hope it doesn't stay with you -- but when it settles in like a dark cloud, it feels like it's here to stay. Know that you are in everyone's thoughts here.


No need to ever feel like you have to be upbeat at a time like this. We all would like to crawl thru the computer screen and change things for you but we can't. That is the downside of walking the walk with you. We're here no matter what state you're in.