Felt Like An Eternity; Gone In A Flash


Felt Like An Eternity; Gone In A Flash

Today is my daughter's birthday, her last as a 20-something. Forever she will be the age she is today.

My mother saw her for the first time when she was four months old because we lived near Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., and that was a long trek away from South Florida. It took a seven-hour drive just to get The Yoopers down to  the Detroit Airport. And that was before the airplane part, quite an all-day affair.

Those years flew by, like stardust; yet at the same time feel like an eternity away.

It seems appropriate to pay homage to the loving grandmother who enjoyed her three granddaughters very much. Her first great-granddaughter is due any day, who she will really not know, nor who will know her. But we sure have some good pictures to keep the flame alive. The first is the Pin-Up Grandma with my daughter in 1986; the next is the Happy Grandmother with her three Girls (I love the expression on her face), and the last is my daughter, me and my mom in 2006. Some strong genetic material there, I think.

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Absolutely beautiful photos! Thanks for these images of your mom.


I just love these photos!! All of you have just beautiful smiles. \r\n\r\nI hope your daughter's birthday was wonderful.


Beautiful photos, wonderful memories. Thank you.