Fettucini Power!

It's been another long day, though blessedly the sun has returned to remind us that summer is on the way as spring closes out.  Spent some time skimming the pool (which is meditative, I must say!) and it was a long, quiet day for Paul after the morning was done.

We went to the dentist this morning, and he had the tooth pulled.  The only options the DDS offered were a) rebuild the tooth after root canal for about $1,000 with no guarantee it wouldn't hurt anymore (even though all tests said the tooth was dead) or b) live with the constant low-grade annoying pain.   Paul looked like a scared six-year-old, and I was glad we had discussed this ahead of time: He really wanted to be rid of the bad tooth and not have it rankling him.  Apparently he had this crowned in Minnesota 25 years ago and it's never stopped bothering him!

Oddly enough, it was a reasonably good day for me; I'm a bit of a medical barracuda when it comes to my loved ones.  Between my own lifelong orthopaedic issues and my eldest son's asthma and epilepsy, I'm the one you want along with you in hospital - or dentist's office.  Paul tends to blitz out when confronted with options and just shuts down; I generally talk things out with him (or any other "patient") ahead of time and tell the doc what the "patient" is too overwhelmed to say.

So even though today was sadly stressful, I felt like I really really did some good for Paul.  He needs to eat soft foods for a few days so I made a really nice Fettucini Alfredo from scratch, cut it up into bite-sized bits, gave him a glass of wine and had a couple myself - and now he's watching a movie with my youngest son.  Feels like an almost normal and peaceful world at the moment!

I'm so grateful to be on Caregiving.com - this has really provided a community for me that is a great deal of help.  I was thinking earlier today that we all are here blogging this because we are all doing a tough job knowing it's the RIGHT THING to do. Maybe it doesn't make it easier that we know it's the right thing, but supporting one another is so very helpful, particularly those of us who have never "needed" anyone's help.

Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow!

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