Final Honeymoon


Final Honeymoon

(Editor's Note: Today, we welcome Don, who cares for his wife and joined us Wednesday night. You can connect with Don on his profile page: @daffydon.)

Elsie.DonThis is our buzz word.

It is our way of looking at the final period of my sweetie's life as she slowly drifts away.

Bittersweet, yes, but it's our way to work the pain of dementia through by looking at this period realistically.

Changes come slowly with my Elsie and me. But they build and create changes to her dependence on me and my need to adapt and help without taking over what she can still do by herself. I use the internet a lot for entertainment and information.

This reduces my isolation. But make no mistake--there are no sad songs here, we are both on a joint journey that we call our last honeymoon. It is a uniquely joyful period for both of us to celebrate 35 wonderful years together.

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Hi, Don. Thank you for joining us and sharing this very personal time with us. I hope our companionship along your journey will help you appreciate even more the precious time you're sharing.


What a wonderful way to look at your journey together!


Hi Don--I'm so glad you are blogging! I'm looking forward to reading about your caregiving days and getting to know you better. Write as you can and share what will help. :)