Finally, a GOOD Phone Call!


Finally, a GOOD Phone Call!

phone-499991_640After an extremely rough day yesterday (thought I was going to have to put our precious fur baby down, but that is another story) today I finally received encouragement and a good phone call!  The Dr we love called (I had called him trying to find out a schedule for the final medication we need to detox Mom from) and he told me he was extremely impressed with the both of us.  He said he knows detox is hard not only for Mom but for me as well, having to watch her go through it, and he said he understood that I was feeling pain as well!  He is so proud of us for sticking with this and not giving up.  He was actually gushing I think!  I was near tears and told him we were doing this to save her life.

Before I had called him, I worked up a detox schedule that I thought might be doable for Mom.  I ran it by him and he thought it was a great way to reduce.  I asked if we could take it slower if she felt she needed to and he said absolutely.  He mentioned that you really can't detox too slowly from this medication, but if you do it too quickly you risk seizures and yeah, we are going the slow route.  Once this is all finished we are going to set up an appointment with him for a recheck.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!  March 1st will be the last dose of this current medication, and March 1st is the first day of detox on the final medication!  We can do this by God's grace!  I am ballparking that we will be finished the week of April 5th!  WOOHOO!!!  Amazingly, Mom's pain level (for RSD - not the stent and surgery and all that jazz) is pretty much the same as it was on all of these medications!  I don't know that they were doing her a lick of good, and were actually harming her I believe!

I am noticing that her mind is better!  She is remembering!  When she is able to talk for a few minutes we will sit and talk about things in the past - we haven't done that in almost a decade!  She wants to remember!  This is perfect timing as her 60th birthday is approaching this weekend.  I wrote ALL of her contacts in her address book, and all the people I know as well and asked them to send her a b-day card and tell her what she has meant to them, maybe tell a favorite memory, or tell her how she has changed their lives.  I really wanted some encouragement for her.  She feels like she can't do anything for anyone anymore, I want her to see that even though her body is failing, she is still a vital person to this world.  I have been transcribing everything everyone is writing and I am scrapbooking it.  I am making a "life book" if you will for her 60th.  I am including all of the get well wishes and scripture verses people have sent.  I have a section for favorite poems and songs that she loves, and then her birthday wishes.  I bought an expandable 3 ring scrapbooking album (12x12) and I am filling it!  I am making each as beautiful as I can, and big type :) I am hoping she will love it, I really think she will.

Many people have included favorite memories, and I am hoping this will add in her thinking processes!  Keep the memories alive!  Anyway - so I am thrilled about all of this coming together.  We are still trying to get her stint out.  We had planned on yesterday but our kitten (12 years old) had been having diarrhea and vomiting for a week.  I had added in a new treat, and it didn't sit well.  I gave her a few days to get over the diarrhea, but it wouldn't go away.  I wanted to take her in several times but Mom was too bad for me to leave.

Yesterday morning we decided to postpone taking Mom to town and instead get the cat seen.  We both prepared for the worst (the cat has had liver and kidney problems in the past, and I was assuming it was the same thing) and we decided that if she was bad off, I was going to put her down yesterday.  Beyond heartbreaking.  I had been weeping since 2 a.m. and our appointment was 10:30.  I asked the neighbor to drive me as I was blinded by tears.  The doctor came in and I couldn't even talk properly.  I explained what was happening and she drew blood.  That 20 minutes was a life time and a half!  Turns out her liver and kidneys are fine!  The doctor thinks the treats started it, and the stress of Mom being SO ill perpetuated it, and then I was stressing her out because I was stressed about her and Mom.  A vicious cycle!  I was making her sick!  She is a very sensitive cat.

So we get her some meds (do we really need more medication in this house?  We are practically a pharmacy already) and I brought her home to a very relieved Mom!  I had cried so much I think I messed up the balance of electrolytes, I was so dizzy!  For hours I couldn't even stand up straight!  I drank a Gatoraid and ate a bit and slept a bit.  I am still a bit dizzy today but MUCH better.

No more crying for me for a long time!  I am so thrilled to finally have good news!

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How wonderful to have such a supportive doctor. You two have been through the ringer and it was about time you got some good news. You are doing it! Glad kitty is ok.


Thank goodness for your good news, LH! I'm so glad the doctor validated and congratulated on the wonderful care you provide. And, what a relief your fur baby will be okay. \r\n\r\nKeep up your great work, LH! It's absolutely paying off.


Wow, if there are any two people who deserve some good news, it's you and your mom. I'm rejoicing with you that your incredible;e instincts and intimate knowledge of your mother has been validated by a doctor and you have some support, and now a new plan of action. Sure hope all goes as planned, or even better. And especially glad your cat's condition is treatable and seemly minor. Sure hope the medicine works there and she returns to be your comforting companion. So important.