Finally, Some Good News


Finally, Some Good News

sunset-97056_640We got some biopsy reports for Carl and there's no cancer in his lungs.  He has Foreign Body Giant Cells in his lungs along with a fungal infection.

It was determined that mold in our house is making him sick.  We're renting so there's no problem with moving. The doctors said they would write a letter that it's medically necessary. Our landlord thinks that you can just wash the mold and seal it. We found out differently from the Health Department. Everything that has mold on it has to be removed and replaced with new.

Carl has been given medication, nasal washes and a cortisone spray. Hopefully we can find something soon and get settled so Carl can get rid of this. He's still coughing and doesn't feel well at all. His creatinines have gone up to 3.9 so this is also affecting his kidneys.

It was great getting good news for a change. I wish everyone some good news today.

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Great to hear your good news! and as you say, since you don't own the place, just move out asap and find a new clean place!


Wonderful to have a positive result and now you can make a plan of action. Congratulations to both of you.


I love hearing good news! I am sorry for the hassle of moving, but it is well worth it to keep you both healthy!!! Good luck in your search!


Wow, that's different. Well, hope you find a better home that will keep you both healthy. Lots of work for you but looks another adventure in life. Well, I guess it's a good way to clean house & get rid of stuff you really don't need. Hope all goes well.


What a relief, Penny! I'm so glad to hear your good news.\r\n\r\nWhen do you think you'll be able to move?