Finding the Motivation to Keep Going


Finding the Motivation to Keep Going

flowers-747206_640I have tried to blog on free moments when I felt halfway able and not too depressed, which I have felt much of lately (apologies to whomever I may upset during these times). Anyway, when the urge comes about, the words I wanted to say go flying away like a dandelion being blown by an active child that really wants her wish. I can relate to this child, especially as of late with troubles keeping me or mine in certain situations with no escape.

Holy crap! Suddenly, a random bunch of words I've strung together is becoming a blog post of a different sort. That is, assuming I'm making any sort of sense, which I realize is debatable, especially as of late.

The world goes topsy-turvy and if you have a chance to watch the news, it's even worse. So very hard to hang onto happy thoughts to keep us afloat, let alone fly into another day. I hang onto as much I can (or perhaps disguise the bad) with humor. If it can help one person smile or just distract from something bad for a moment, that's fuel for the "happy thoughts".

Some of my wishes are trivial, I think just to keep going one more moment. For instance, I had a "wish" to stump an online game the other day (details via Twitter). Another time, I wished just to step outside and breathe. One of my more serious "wishes" is to take pain away from us, not only physical aches, but financial woes that cause the physical aches to increase. Though I think the trivial wishes can be a distraction, it can be a way to create some happy energies to deal with the more serious wishes.

All in all, the energies allow one more moment. That's something good, I hope.

What do you do? What is your wish today?

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Hurray! I'm so glad you blogged, PL.\r\n\r\nI wish for you all that you wish for. I hope your wishes are as a big as the sun and as brilliant as the night sky. :)\r\n\r\nAnd, I wish for me that I get done what I need to get done by Wednesday night!! Fingers and toes crossed I do it.