Find the Best Medicare Coverage for Your Caree


Find the Best Medicare Coverage for Your Caree

(Editor’s Note: I’ve been hired to share my experiences with FitScore™ from HealthMarkets. The perspectives and viewpoints I offer are my own.)

Because we are the medical advocates for our carees, we understand the critical need for the right Medicare plan. The range of options, though, can be overwhelming. How do we know we’re making the right choice when our carees depend on us to make the right choice?

To help us sort through the choice of Medicare plans, we can use FitScore™ from HealthMarkets. Just like we all get an annual check-up for our health, FitScore is the annual check-up for our caree’s insurance coverage. FitScore prompts you with a few questions and then uses your answers to provide a customized list of options. Each option is scored; the higher the score, the closer the Medicare plan matches your caree’s needs.

You can use FitScore to compare your caree’s existing Medicare plan with other options or to simply find a new Medicare plan.

When completing the questions about your caree’s Medicare coverage needs, you can provide your contact information if you would like to be contacted by a HealthMarkets agent who can provide further assistance with a plan choice. If you do not want to be contacted by an agent, simply skip when prompted to provide contact information.

The FitScore uses the answers you provide to:

  1. Verify which plans are available in your caree’s area.

  2. Match your caree’s current doctors, prescription drugs, and pharmacy.

  3. Evaluate which plans match your caree’s needs.

  4. Rank every plan with a number from 0 – 100.

You’ll see the recommended plans, their scores, and can even view an explanation about why the top plan was recommended.

In addition to using FitScore to find your caree’s best Medicare coverage, you can use FitScore for yourself and your family members.

Medicare open enrollment for 2020 ends December 7, 2019, andthe 2020 open enrollment period for the health insurance marketplace ends Saturday, December 15, 2019.

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