Five Days of Bliss


Five Days of Bliss

closed-315859_640We went on our first camping excursion of the season on Saturday, April 18. We always go near our anniversary on April 19, and this was our anniversary/first trip of season combo.

Mom goes camping with us, at 92. We have a travel trailer, so it is more like glamping than camping, but in a lovely natural setting on a lake close to home. I keep her in the same routine at the trailer as I do at home, the only difference is that we sit by the lake instead of on the patio.

Well, this time, I brought Mom home Tuesday, did the laundry, took showers (although the trailer has a lovely shower), and at dinner time my son came over straight from work and he stayed here for five glorious days and  nights while my husband and I went back to the camper and I had a five-day respite. We even left the dogs here with him so we did not have to get up to walk them in the mornings.

I did not cook, I went out to lunch with my son's mother-in-law on Wednesday. We had a 5 hour lunch just sitting and chatting without having to hurry home with Mom. I went shopping! I don't remember the last time I leisurely strolled the aisles of Kohl's. I even went to Ulta and treated myself to a new body lotion.

My husband took off Thursday and Friday. We spent uninterrupted time together. I fished with my new fly rod. I caught a fish the first time I used it! We went out to a lovely anniversary dinner Thursday night. Friday we explored the area, went downtown and had a lovely lunch on the square at a quaint little bistro. Friday night we went to see bull riding! Saturday we took in a movie in the afternoon, then came back and fished some more, just listening to the water lap against the dock. We sat at the fire every night and just listened to frogs and crickets.

We woke up today, Sunday, and had waffles for breakfast and took our time cleaning up the trailer and taking it down until next month. Next month Mom will be with us, and I know she enjoys going, but these five days have been glorious. They are the first five days I have been alone with my husband in almost two years. I will cling to these memories until we are able to do this again sometime.

All good things must come to an end.

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What a wonderful get away! It sounded so relaxing and quiet, girl time and with hubby! I hope you don't wait another 2 years for the next one. You deserve the time with your hubby! Cheers to looking forward to next month!


Oh, that sounds wonderful!\r\n\r\nI understand how hard it can be to return about a break. I hope, though, that those memories keep you going.


I felt revitalized just reading this. I could tell you savored each and every moment.


Thank you, Sharon, for sharing the details of your trip with. Every detail is important and behind each one is a wealth of emotion and memory. It is indeed a very good thing to be reminded of who we are when we aren't caregivers. I am so happy you and your husband had this time together. You fill your canteen with sweet memories, then take little sips as you walk along the road again.


Sounds like you had a great time! SO glad you got away!

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