Five Days of Comfort: Bomb


Five Days of Comfort: Bomb

winter-89116_640You're not dodging bullets.

You're battling bombs. A family member drops a bomb that he can't deal with your caree's decline so no longer will help you. A social service agency drops a bomb that funding's been cut and so has the program which helps you caree which in turns gives you a break. Your boss drops a bomb that you need to travel for business next week, when a critical doctor's appointment is scheduled for your caree.

It's no wonder you're exhausted.

When the bombs drop, you'll have moments of panic. Don't buy into the panic, which will trick you into believing you've just bombed. You can outwit any explosion that happens because your wisdom, tenacity and perseverance will overcome.

You are a survivor. You will because you do.

When the bombs drop, how do you find comfort?

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Congrats to <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@kc9hdp</a>, who won the care pack! Thanks so much to all who shared comments_mysql.


Oh those bombs! Like Pegi, I just go into action mode. Later on I look back and think \"Who was that calm, cool, and collected person? It can't have been me!\"


I pray. I'm not in this alone. Then I start looking into options. And pray some more!

Lillie Fuller

When the bomb drops I tend to clam up, lose sleep worrying about the bomb and get depressed. I find it helps if I'm able to talk it out with someone who is out of the picture. I have a friend, Ruth, who sometimes helps me with my mom but she is a great listener and even if she doesn't give me great advice or any advice at all she listens with her whole heart and sometimes that's all the comfort I need is knowing someone cares enough to hear me out.


I find that if I just do what needs to be done and don't think about it that it goes better but if I start thinking about why has this happened then I start worrying that things will not get done.