Five Days of Comfort: End


Five Days of Comfort: End

landscape-398500_640You've had enough endings to last a lifetime.

Perhaps the worst ending is the one that seems to end how life was, when it was easy to leave the house, when it was easy to make plans, when it was easy to budget, when it was easy to feel like any other family on the block.

It can feel like the end of your life.

With the end, it can feel impossible to keep hope and faith alive. What can you hope for? How can you keep faith?

You've been dealt some endings.

Which means you have a chance for a beginning.

You can begin again. You can re-define hope and revisit your faith. Maybe fate gave you an ending. You can give yourself a new start. When you begin again, you'll be surprised at how much hope you can find and how deep your faith can become.

How do you find comfort when you face another ending?

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Congrats to <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@jbones1961</a> who won the comfort pack!!

Lillie Fuller

I'm looking for a way out of this end. Since my mom's last hospital stay it's been the end. The end of my water aerobics, the end of Friday lunches with my best friend, the end of getting out of the house to go thrift store shopping, which I love... It's just been the end and I am looking for a way to fix it. Haven't found it yet. People say yes I will help but then they never have time to help, what's a person to do? I'm feeling like my life as I once knew it has ended.