Five Days of Comfort: Frozen


Five Days of Comfort: Frozen

ice-570500_640Oh, for a fairy tale.

Because then you could let your guard down and even allow your heart, frozen to protect itself, to melt.

But life, at least your life, isn't a fairy tale.

So the temptation could be to stay cold to the world which seems to give you the cold shoulder. You can't get help or find it or keep it. Or, so it seems. Because you got tired of being a puddle of tears, you turned to ice.

Sure, the ice protects. But it also keeps out the good in the world that's worth your tears. Because you keep on, you will find help, support and understanding. And, when you do, you want to wash away your hurt with tears of joy.

Take a realistic view of the world but keep your soft side. It heals. It energizes. It renews your faith. It keeps you believing.

You don't need to hide from life in a fairy tale or behind a frozen heart. You will have losses and really trying times. But the greatest loss in your life would be the end of your warm heart. With your warm heart, we have another version of a fairy tale, one that tells the story of the beauty of forging ahead during difficulties. The real world does blow in cold winds. But you have the warmest of hearts, which is just what we all need. Your warmth.

How do you find comfort when the world feels so cold?

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Lillie Fuller

again? is that fair?


Congrats to <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@lillie</a>, who won the care pack!

Lillie Fuller

My cold world is definitely the relationship I have with my siblings. They don't offer help and I don't ask, I just feel it's been way too long now that I have done this caregiving on my own, I don't need them. I find comfort in knowing I am doing the right thing by caring for my mom. I find comfort in knowing that if I need help I can find it with friends and a few other family members who are willing to help me.