Five Days of Comfort: Glisten


Five Days of Comfort: Glisten

winter-258121_640If only you glistened, you may think.

But the sweat caregiving causes seems to leave permanent stains.

And, the tears caregiving brings seem to create the puffiest of puffy eyes.

You don't glisten, you can think. You feel like you've got to hide in the house so others don't see the stains and the puff.

Maybe you don't feel like you glisten.

We see you, though. We do see that you glisten. Your good work, your hard work, your tenacious work creates a light that shines during the darkest of nights. You are the light in our world that the stars reflect.

You are the light in your caree's world that flutters like gold.

Your glistening light leads your caree home.

What makes you sweat? How do you calm yourself?

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