Five Days of Comfort: Hot


Five Days of Comfort: Hot

barbecue-386602_640You're hot.

And, it's not because you're so cool.

It's because you're almost feverish--the worry, the stress, the pressure causes you to sweat like you have a fever.

It's too hot in your life.

How do you cool off when the day turns up the thermometer?

Sometimes, it can help to simply stop. When you pause, you can see the landscape, give yourself a chance to think, take a moment to breathe.

Sometimes, it can help to just take a break for a snack and a glass of water. We often run through our meals. A moment for nourishment can help us find the plan to continue.

Sometimes, it can help to sit and write it out. We often act, believing we don't have time to really think. Putting pen to paper can help you plot out an effective course.

Know you have the cure for the fever that breaks out during your day. And, know you deserve the time it takes to get the cure.

When the day creates a sweat, how do you stay cool?

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Congrats to Kayla, who won the comfort pack!! Look for an email from me tomorrow.

Lillie Fuller

I head out the back door.. just being outside, whether it's to put a load of clothes in the washer or dryer, to hang out with dogs or just to breathe, I say to my mom, I'm going out back for a minute... she usually just waves me off.... but that's how I cool off!