Five Years


Five Years

Eleven years ago I got plopped firmly into a world for which I had no education, knowledge or desire to be in -- caregiving. With all that I learned and the extra reality world classes assigned to me, I felt a gained a college degree, an education better then the one I received by attending classes on a campus. I even gained a new career for a time.

Five years ago, my world was changed when our service dog passed away then followed by my best friend, my husband of almost 27 years. They went upstairs to "dance with the Lord" as he would often say. I was never prepared for that either. Immediately I had to up my knowledge on finances and education as I had to enter our daughter in school.

Tonight as I watch and hear the fireworks seen from afar outside my front door, all I can do is reflect, be thankful and smile. I can smile because I can be or rather an now am a -reactivated- caregiver advocate for my daughter with PANDAS. I smile because I have managed to clean up the estate, sell the house and keep myself financially maintained. I can smile (even through the tears) because as much as I've been traveling a road by myself and scared, I have done it and know that I have the ability to do so.

A dear friend volunteered to take us to the cemetery today (in a not-so-nice part of town) as we haven't been able to get anyone else to help us go.  I may have tears but I know that I can still smile deep down inside after five years.

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It is amazing what being thrust into Caregiving forces us to learn and do. I smile with you.

RoaringMouse 2.0

Thank you! I caught this just before my day started and I really appreciated the smile you shared. It helped and the day ended up on a very high \"smile\" note ...which was unexpected ...but very pleasant and enjoyed!