Five Days of Comfort: Flake


Five Days of Comfort: Flake

snow-949595_640Oh, you flaked.

You forgot a detail or a task or a responsibility you never thought you'd forget. And, now you can't forget that you forgot.

When we remember what we do wrong but forget all we do right, we sell ourselves short. We'll forget. It happens because we have so much to remember.

Let's make sure we keep the memories of all we do and all we did.

When do you flake?

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I flake when something gets overwhelming


Congrats to <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"><a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">@savvysandwicher</a></a> who won the daily comfort pack!

Elizabeth Miller

I flake when I get really focused on an activity and forget other commitments.


I flake when I forget to turn the stove off...I yell.\"I cant belive I did that!\" I will hear my hubby softly say \"give youself some grace, your doing alot of things &amp; lots to just turn it off &amp; look at all youve done today\". Bless his him. He can still un-flake me! Ive always been quick to see my fault and slow to acknowledge my positives.

Lillie Fuller

I flake with my mom's coumadin checks. I don't know why I have a wall up about that but every month the nurse from the Cardiologists office calls to ask if I've taken my mom for her INR! Grr.