allgau-87019_640During caregiving, a fog surrounds you, so much so that you can only see what's right in front of you. All areas of your life become a blur except for that pressing need that stands an inch from your nose--the care and keep of your caree.

That focus can be so helpful as you advocate and decide and implement. Because of that focus, you churn like an efficient machine. You even move mountains.

But that focus can be your curse. Life continues on the other side of the fog, with or without you. Books and movies get released, friends celebrate good news, children start a new school year, seasons change.

You may not miss what's on the other side of the fog all the time. Certainly, during a crisis, the other side of the fog can seem silly and frivolous.

And, yet, on the other side of that fog lives a break from all your responsibilities. It's freeing to be outside rather than inside the fog. It's more casual, less intense, a place where deep breaths happen without thought.

While fate may keep you within the fog, you don't have to be trapped by the fog. When you can, climb the fog's fence and visit the other side. During your life of caregiving, you've got to live a little as often as you can. Let the fog lift--you'll also lift your spirits.

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Lillie Fuller

Thank you! I needed to read this! The fog is very thick right now, It's almost suffocating. I'm looking for that break in this weather barrier, I haven't found a way out yet! Hopefully soon.