For Improved Independence, Look to Pride Mobility


For Improved Independence, Look to Pride Mobility

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When Pegi (@worriedwife) first joined, she wrote about the fight she had with her husband's wheelchair. Any time they ventured out of the house, Pegi faced that dreaded tussle trying to fold the wheelchair and then lift it into her car's trunk.

She wanted her husband to be out and about as much as possible. She also didn't want him to worry about the impact on her health of folding and lifting the chair.

Keeping your caree as independent as possible is one of your top priorities. Independence means your caree participates in social activities, remains connected to the community and ensures you both enjoy a change of scenery.

Pride Mobility, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products, offers a complete line of motorized scooters and electric scooter for adults. Scooters from Pride Mobility provide your caree with freedom without saddling you with heavy equipment to lift and set up. From the company's compact travel scooters to its larger luxury models, an innovative design means convenient storage, easy transport and fast, simple disassembly.

The Go-Go Elite Traveller scooter offers ease of transport, tight space maneuverability and the versatility to change its color in a snap with interchangeable shroud panels. The scooter's compact size allows it to negotiate narrow hallways and tight spaces while also providing stable outdoor performance. Take the guesswork out of travel with the scooter's ultra-simple assembly and disassembly and impressive performance.

The sleek, sporty Victory 10 mobility scooter delivers high performance operation, all-new features and feather-touch disassembly. The Victory 10 features exclusive low-profile tires, a backlit battery gauge, and a wraparound delta tiller.

You can purchase accessories, including an oxygen holder and a shopping basket, so the scooter also carries what your caree’s needs.

Not sure which electric or motorized scooter will work best for you and your caree? Pride Mobility helps you choose based on which features are most important to you and your caree.

For independence in the house, look to Pride Mobility's lift chair recliners and power lift chairs. Rather than sinking into a chair your caree can't get out of, your caree can easily sit and stand by simply using the convenient remote. Choose a fabric for the lift chair which complements the house's existing décor.

For more information on lift chair recliners and motorized and electric scooters, visit Pride Mobility's website.

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