For Many Caregivers and People With Disabilities, Work From Home Was Never Just a Perk

Article summary provided by Certified Caregiving Consultant, Kathy Koenig. You can learn more about her consulting services at Caregiver Connection.

The coronavirus pandemic is shining a light on remote work. For caregivers or those with disabilities, it's not new. Thirty years ago the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act empowered workers to ask for accommodations to work from home. At the time, the advent of home computers made telework possible. The upsides included not having to commute or deal with other physical barriers. The downside was the decline of benefits as more freelancers emerged.

The coronavirus has been an equalizer of sorts. It's not known if it will have a long-term impact for caregivers or the disabled. Because the increase in work from home took place in the context of a crisis, there was little time to prepare. Many view this as temporary, but it is a valuable option for many people--especially caregivers.

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