Puzzle pieces, artistic impression Puzzle pieces, artistic impression (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, our life can feel like an unfinished puzzle still in its box--a jumble of pieces, disconnected from the big picture.

And, oh, do we want to see what's created when all the pieces fit together perfectly. Because if we could just see how the pieces connect, we'll get the big picture. We'll have our answers.

Our life's puzzle asks that we wait for our answers. But, we can't wait. So, we force. We grit our teeth and push. We twist and turn the pieces, forcing a fit, forcing a solution.

But our force just make a mess, as the pieces revolt, refusing to respond to our push and pull.

We can't force our completed puzzle, that big picture to emerge which shows our destiny. We can, however, take care of our pieces, giving them room in the box to become what they're meant to be.

Most important, we can believe in the Force in our life that's bigger than us, that knows exactly what to do with our puzzle pieces. We can trust our life's Force to know exactly the time to show us how the pieces fit.

We can wait because the wait will be worth it. When we see our completed puzzle, we'll be awed.

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Thanks Denise, I needed to hear this...especially now...Bless you, Bob


Hi--I'm so glad you enjoy these comforts. :) This one will be in the third book (perhaps called \"Take More Comfort\"), which will be out in the fall. \r\n\r\nI struggle with holding on too tight, too. I've learned I feel much better if I decide to simply enjoy the ride.