16-47-23-956_640I once hoped my family members enjoyed good health forever

so we could avoid caregiving forever.

I now hope my parents and I make it through this caregiving season

which seems to last forever.

I hope they land in heaven after a calm and peaceful journey.

I hope I land back into my life about telling them a final good-bye.

I hope my younger sister, who shares a special bond as my parents' last, will heal

from a broken heart after losing her parents to forever.

I hope my dad can somehow soothe his anxiety about what's next

so that his long days of forever become bearable.

I hope my mom gets the answers she so aches to hear so

the foreverness of her hospital stay ends with good news.

I hope my siblings will forever remain a team

connected rather than fractured by caregiving.

I hope the forever we have left will forever bring me comfort.

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