Forgiveness: Opening the Door You Kept Shut


Forgiveness: Opening the Door You Kept Shut

This afternoon on Your Caregiving Journey, Bette joined me to share her story of forgiveness. You can listen to our show via the podcast at the bottom of the post.

Bette's forgiveness story involves her mom, who is also her caree. A difficult childhood relationship created a relationship in adulthood that Bette dodged. But, the dodging became more difficult when Bette's mom moved in with Bette's family after her mom's stroke. Bette continued to struggle with feelings of anger and blame toward her mom. Silently, Bette questioned her mom's love for her: Why wouldn't you love me like you do my brothers?

Until an evening this summer when Bette stood in her house and thought: I've got to let this go. When she did, she had a vision of an opened door that she had held shut.

The forgiveness now allows Bette to see her mom in a new light. She no longer asks, Why wouldn't you? She now understands her mom, because of her own limitations, couldn't. And, she understands this without judgment of herself or her mom.

Bette defines forgiveness as the "ability to look behind." When you look beyond, you can feel the peace. And, life, including caregiving, becomes so much easier.

After you've had a chance to listen to Bette's story, please share your thoughts in our comments section, below.


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