justiceSome days, you can feel like the victim of fraud and the perpetrator is your life. On a day when nothing goes right and nothing feels the same, you think, "I got cheated out of a good life."

Other days, you can feel like you commit the fraud. You'll hear, "You are a saint to do what you do." Which makes you feel guilty and fake at the same time as you think, "Well, when I don't get enough sleep, I'm much more like Satan."

Life's a fraud. You're a fraud.

Or not.

What if life is simply about doing your best? Maybe you are meant to do your best and when you can't get enough sleep, well, maybe the devilish attitude is the best you can come up with. When you feel better, you'll do better.

Just as you don't want to feel like you pretend, life doesn't want you to feel cheated. In his book, Man's Search for Meaning, Dr. Victor Frankl suggests we stop wondering what we can expect from our life and instead ask, What does our life expect of us?

Life expects us to move through our days the best we can, bringing along with us whatever (or whoever) brings us moments of joy. We simply do our best, whether it be saint-like or simply human-ish, understanding our best changes throughout our day and throughout our life. We accept our best at each moment, giving ourselves a chance to be better in the next moment.

We accept our life can get better in each next moment, as long as we give it that opportunity.

That's our justice.

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