Free 8/15-8/19: The Caregiving Years Kindle eBook


Free 8/15-8/19: The Caregiving Years Kindle eBook

The_Caregiving_Years_Cover_300Why me? Why now? What now?

Family caregivers asked me those questions so often that I decided to create a concept which offered answers and hope. In 1998, I published the first edition of The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey handbook.

Over the years, I’ve continued to revise and tweak the concept, with hopes that the handbook offers you as many answers and as much hope as possible. I released the seventh edition of the handbook, The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey in 2014. You can enjoy a free download of the Kindle version of The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey through Friday.

I hope handbook helps family caregivers feel better about their todays while understanding what they’ll need for their tomorrows. I also want to provide a realistic perspective of caregiving while showing that you will make it through and be better for it. The last stage – The Godspeed Caregiver – nudges you to live your dream, a dream newly defined by your caregiving experience.

The Caregiving Years is separated into six stages, beginning when you expect to care for a family member and ending about two years after caregiving ends. Because caregiving can be such a complicated experience, I provide simple coping strategies, wrapped in a keyword and a purpose, to help in each stages. I also offer action plans to guide you through every stage.

The handbook also includes a story of a family caregiver in five of the stages, as well as tips to help you navigate the bad days, the difficult decisions and the overwhelming emotions. You’ll find articles which offer suggestions to give you courage when you venture out of the house after staying inside for too long, tips to help you manage the holiday season, exercises to help you understand your limits and build your team, and quizzes to make you laugh, reset your perspective and remind you that you have solutions.

My wish for readers of the handbook relates to regrets–I hope the information I share will prevent regrets, will prompt you to be proactive so you’ll be as ready as you can for what’s next, and will show you how to create memories which will comfort you later.

“Your book, The Caregiving Years, helped me enormously,” a reader wrote me. “It would have saved me substantial stress had I had it at the beginning of these fours years of 24-hours a day caregiving to my husband! THANK YOU! It is a masterpiece and I’ve recommended it for other hard-pressed caregivers and those who are about to become ‘and dread it’. I tell them if they are armed with the knowledge and know-how from this book, they will be enabled to handle it.”

You can download the Kindle version of The Caregiving Years free through Friday, August 19. Enjoy!!

As part of our 20th birthday celebration, we’re making four of our Kindle ebooks available throughout the month of August, including:

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Thank you, Denise, for this lovely gift.


Gonna get mine now. Thank you so much!

Bill Galea

I just downloaded a copy of your eBook. Thank you Denise!


Got my copy! Thank you!!!!