Free Pass for Family Caregivers


Free Pass for Family Caregivers

A Free Pass to Feel BetterAbout a year ago, @lisarae wrote that family caregivers need a free pass–a day during which they get a pass from cooking, cleaning, laundry.

We turned Lisa's blog post into our very first Free Pass for Family Caregivers on December 29. But once a year isn't enough. I think we should try to give ourselves a free pass from the grind once a week.

Every Sunday, beginning October 25, feel free to take a pass on what feels like drudgery and instead do what feels better. Your free pass could give you a break that lasts for five minutes, one hour or an afternoon. After you use your free pass, tell us about it in our Free Pass for Family Caregivers Forum. And, download your Free Pass for Family Caregivers to remind you to take a break.

To help you determine how you’ll use your free pass, we’ve listed some activities you may want to leave out of your Sunday:

Worry: The worries will wait while you take a break.

Guilt: You are enough and do enough.

Drama: You don’t have time for anyone who brings along the soap opera.

Stress: You can decide you have no room for stress.

Fret: Rather than fretting, use your energy for something you enjoy.

Laundry: If you can, delegate the laundry to someone else. Or, simply decide tomorrow is a better day for laundry.

Cleaning: Use your time for something you love to do.

Frantic: You have the time you need.

Scramble: You are on time.

Explain: You don’t have to explain to those who always question what you do and how you do it.

Cook: Order in, order out or just serve soup and sandwiches.

Cry: There’s no crying on Free Pass for Family Caregivers Day.

Phone: Only take the phone calls you want. Otherwise, just let it go.

Errand: Rather than running errands, take a nap.

List: Lose the To Do list, just for today.

Schedule: Be flexible about how much you schedule into your day, allowing yourself a choice to leave something off the schedule.

Our free pass admits you to our Free Pass for Family Caregivers Day, which happens every Sunday. Once you take a pass on something you usually do and normally dislike, tell us about it on our Free Pass for Family Caregivers Day Forum.

Download your Free Pass for Family Caregivers.

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I love that you used my blog post for this idea. I fully agree, once a year is NOT enough!! Thank you Denise, this made me smile :)