Friday's Update


Friday's Update

movingOn Friday we went and talked with Marc's doctors about his move and also to get the final results from his brain biopsy cultures. Turns out the final results showed there was a fungal infection in his brain. Not a large area but where it is located is in part of the left frontal lobe. This means if they have to do a surgery it could potentially affect his personality, IF he survives the surgery, as we were told there is less than a 10% chance of survival. However, Marc has defied the odds up until now and I am sure he will defy those odds. However, we were glad to hear that there are tons of medicinal options.

They are hopeful that he can be completely cured without surgery and I am praying this is the case. For one, the swelling in his brain has not increased, it has remained the same since January. No change is good. Which means the medication he is currently on is holding the infection at bay and allowing it to not spread. So, our options are increasing that medication to a higher level and monitoring him. Or going straight to the next medication in the series that is more potent. Or putting him back on the IV antifungal meds. So, there are options.

In terms of the move, everything seems to be working itself out. I was more than certain I'd have to leave behind or get rid of a lot of my stuff to be able to get us there in the fastest, least expensive way possible. After speaking with his mother, she's going to store our things for us at her house and then once we're there and settled have it shipped out to us. I am so grateful for this.

As well, I have a few friends who have promised to help us move our things to her house, so all I have to do is box it up. Then we are driving up with the bare necessities that we'll need.

His doctor, Dr. Lal from Mayo Clinic, did her residency at Stanford University and one of the doctors on consult with his case works there. Since he is familiar with his case and is also ranked in the Top 1% in his field, Marc and I decided that we would opt to have the care transferred to him. This way, we can still have Dr. Lal on consult since we trust the decisions she has made thus far.

In terms of jobs, I can apply for transfer (which I have done) but also, looking into Stanford University as they have many open positions in my field AND taking a look at their benefits, I would be eligible for full benefits the first of the following month after I am employed there and MOST services done at their hospital and medical centers are fully covered. Therefore, that makes it a cheaper option after ALL of the medical expenses we've racked up over the course of these last eight months. Plus they have a care program through the company for family members of employees regardless of age that includes transportation to appointments and home health options. These are actually part of their benefits for employees and that makes me excited. So, I am applying there, as well.

Everything is lining up in a way that tells me we are making the right decision and it is making this move so much more easier for me to do.

I am excited about the prospects of having a fully healthy and recovered husband soon and I am excited about the move.

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Sounds like things are falling into place. Praying that everything works put\r\nMaria