Fun Moments


Fun Moments

strawberriesI have found fun moments through this first week of my summer vacation. I am hanging out with Elly for most of the day since watering takes most of the morning three days a week. We have been making lunch together these days since I want to make sure I have something that I want for lunch.

One day, Elly was cutting up strawberries and got some juice on her dress. She came over to the sink, grabbed the dishcloth and the bleach bottle and poured the bleach onto the cloth. I observed dribbling from the bleach bottle but said nothing. Then she proceeded to take the cloth and wipe off her dress. My mouth must've been hanging open but no sound.

After she put away the bleach bottle I got up my nerve and asked if the bleach wouldn't make a big stain on her dress. She showed me the wet spot and said, "No, it is just fine" and then wiped her hands on the blue hand towel. I told her, "Well, now I know why there are bleach spots on the towels!" I pulled a towel from the drawer that had bleach stains and she said right away, "I didn't have anything to do with that! That's not even my towel!"

I stifled a laugh and said, "It sure is, I have been buying new ones to replace the damaged ones!" She insisted she didn't do anything to them. Then I laughed and said that I would be removing the bleach from the kitchen soon but she could always use the spot remover that is next to her laundry soap for any stains. She didn't respond.

Before lunch, I was able to get into Elly's bathroom to do a deep cleaning. This hadn't been done for two years since she doesn't go out to the hairdresser anymore which is when I would do all the bathroom cleaning and bedroom vacuuming. She has always said she can clean her own bathroom and bedroom. I saw the stains on the ceilings and walls and the buildup of crud behind the toilet so took the opportunity to step in as she said her back hurt and that I could shake out her bathroom rugs.

She said that she had seen the ceiling and wondered how she was going to clean it. I laughed and said that was what I was here for - anytime she notices that kind of thing! She is so resistant to asking for things to be done.

At lunch yesterday, we heated up separate leftovers and she asked me to get down a little fry pan for her rice and veggies. I watched her put the food in the pan, then open the microwave door and start to put the fry pan in the microwave then stop, slowly moving the pan toward the stove and closing the microwave door. Fortunately, she realized her mistake but I didn't intervene, just laughing inside.

I feel like I have overcome some kind of hurdles this week and avoided the stress in the situations. I am going to forge ahead and bring up the information I brought home from the Long Term Care Workshop from yesterday. There was lots of information but too little time for the second presenter. The first presenters spoke to the issue of applying for MediCal for long-term care. I learned that some of the things I had heard from a care facility I visited were not true and that there were resources available without having to sell the house.

The second presenter was an ombudsman and she had maybe 15 minutes to talk but everything she wanted to go over was in her handouts. It was interesting to know that there is accountability in the care facilities, you just have to speak up when there are concerns. So, I will be going over our Durable Power of Attorney papers and making sure they are updated and then talking with Elly about the Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST). We were told that more and more physicians were using that form which is specific on the type of life sustaining interventions a patient wants or not.

We will be visiting Elly's son this summer so we can get his signature updated on the DPA for Finances. There will be another workshop on Legal Issues next month, so I might have more to update next month, probably things I don't even realize yet. Better to get these done sooner before later!

BTW, I was definitely the youngest person in the workshop and the only one who rode up on a motorcycle.

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Thanks Pegi! I love it when I can share the smiles! I blog to help me remember the struggles and the fun times and know how much I enjoy the stories from others too!


Hi EG--Ah, your last sentence made me laugh. I love your zest for life. :)\r\n\r\nI can hear in your post that you are managing the stress differently. Can you pinpoint how you got over the hurdles?