Future Caregiving Blessings


Future Caregiving Blessings

We have so many extended family concerns right now (unemployment, low income, miscommunications, addictions, just to name a few), it makes my caregiving seem like a piece of cake. Yes, we caregivers don't have a corner on hard times. I only have to see the variety of burdens others are bearing to put my situation into perspective.

But it's still hard to cope with ordinary caregiving when your family is involved in any of these other heartbreaking trials. I feel so powerless to do anything to alleviate the suffering, because I'm so wrapped up in just being "memory" for the two of us. And yet, family come to me for counsel, direction, and strength. I have had a few years now to store up some of these important resources, so glad they can come in handy for others.

I may not be able to give cash, but I can point them to the Source of all wealth--God. I may not be able to get them a job, but I can direct them to a Master of employment--Jesus. I may not be able to take away their substance abuse, but I can introduce them to a real Comforter--the Holy Spirit.

Only through the stockpile of faith I've accumulated by caregiving do I have anything to contribute. It feels good to be used in so many ways. And even if your caregiving is taking all your attention right now, you can be sure it is preparing you for future service. You will be a future blessing to others someday in ways you hadn't imagined.


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Thank you for the kind words, Barbara. Check out my personal blog for more lessons of faith from caregiving. http://www.teresa-teresatalk.blogspot.com I post about once a week on it.


Great post! If it weren't for Faith I would not be able to make it. I also have family members that are going through most if not all of the situations that you mentioned. I am going through a few of those myself.\r\nI use to give money to my niece and others but prayer is the BEST thing to give them. Now my niece has a new job my sister has a new job and I think prayer had a lot to do with them getting back on track. I recently lost my job so now I need prayer too. That's ironic. I volunteer at church and that gives back to the community and lifts others up. So even in the midst of job loss and caregiving we can still bless others with our gifts. One of Mine is singing and when I don't want to sing I sing anyway and it is always so cool when someone comes up to me and says wow those songs really lifted me up or you prayed with me one day after you sang and I was going to give up my baby and I kept her. Those stories are priceless. I don't even remember some of those people when they come up to me because our church is so large, but if you make a difference to only one that's enough.


Great Perspective Teresa! I sometimes wonder why I still have so much passion to minister to kids while I am caregiving and have put that ministry on the back burner! We all have an obligation to be introducing others to the Giver of All Good Gifts even in the midst of caregiving difficulties! Sometimes I find myself slipping into Fix-It mode which takes away from what God has set before the person to deal with (sometimes best on their own!) I certainly don't want to circumvent God's ultimate plan for these folks :) I am convinced we are where we should be!