Get Ready for Our Virtual Ride


Get Ready for Our Virtual Ride

bikes-6895_640 We're ready for you to join us on our Community Caregiving VRide.

This morning on Your Caregiving Journey, Chris and ejourneys joined me for Table Talk to discuss our Community Caregiving VRide. You can listen to our show via the player below.

Our Community Caregiving VRide is about getting fit, staying motivated and making virtual visits to other family caregivers. Our Community Caregiving VRide will begin around January 18 (we'll keep you posted; EJ hopes to have her stationary bike back from the manufacturer before January 18) and our first visit will be to Jane. Chris and ejourneys will map our route and determine when we'll arrive at Jane's home. When we arrive, we'll enjoy a video chat (more details to follow).

How, you probably think, can I participate in something that seems to require lots of time and time out of the house? This is the beauty of the VRide; you create a work-out plan (walk, jog, bike ride, walk up and down your stairs) in your house and follow along our journey. It doesn't matter what you do--it only matters that you join with us every day to enjoy a physical activity. And, together, we're moving to visit a family caregiver.

Want to join us? Great! Just start moving and look for more details about our official start date. You can blog about your vRide here, too. Want us to visit you? Great! You can send a private message through the site to myself or Chris or ejourneys.

Thanks so much to Chris and ejourneys for spearheading this wonderful project. I'm so looking forward to our Community Caregiving VRide!


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