Get Real


Get Real

I have this need to feel productive. To cross stuff off my to-do list.

Yet as a mom, as a caregiver, as a household manager, I am required to remain on call. To be available. To stop what I'm doing to address others needs.

And it can feel impossible. I swear they can smell when I'm about to move my focus onto something that isn't them, and suddenly they need my help, lest I should disappear. I have a project (or five) to tackle in the back of my mind and I think I'll do it today, but then I'm thrown off my schedule so I delay it for tomorrow, but I neglected to realized we already have several commitments, and next thing I know, it's Friday and I have little to show for it. Other than every one in my house is still alive, so maybe I can feel okay about that.

Part of my strategy around completing what I want to accomplish while also being the present, loving mom and caregiver I want to be means creating an action plan! Establishing weekly goals ahead of time, the when and how I'll do it, and keeping in mind the bigger picture are KEY.

Read more at my blog for some ideas and tell me how you manage your time effectively or what struggles you face with this!


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When I was pulled in all directions, when my parents were still in their home, I started using Wunderlist to keep track of things I needed to get done, lists of questions asked and answered by doctors, and so forth. But as the care became overwhelming, I made a new To Do list. I still have it on the app. It's called, JUST 2 THINGS. It is for days when I just can't. I can't take the time or mental energy to make a list, or I can't accomplish one thing of my own. At the end of the day, I at least got 2 important things done. Check. And check. LOL