Get Your Care Plan: Week of July 5


Get Your Care Plan: Week of July 5

strawberries-in-bowl-783351_640Every Thursday, we have a care plan ready for you so you’re ready on Sunday to implement your plan.

Each care plan also includes a new intention to build on what you do well. In our care plan, we define well this way:

  • Wisdom comes from being attentive, grateful and curious.

  • Energy comes from your food, your exercise, your support system and your breaks.

  • Laughter comes from within, from your relationships and from your entertainment.

  • Love comes from within, from your relationships and from your passions.

And, to keep you from falling into the well, you’ll also add thoughts in your care plan about forgiving yourself, family members, friends, your caree, the disease process and whatever else causes you pain and sorrow. Because forgiveness is a work in progress, you also can include comments on where you are in the process.

Your care plan for the week of July 5 is ready for you to download below. You also can download a sample care plan to use as a guide when you create your own.

Your Care Plans


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Thank you this is a great post! Listening to the webinar now. Althought I'm getting ready to leave my job to relocate to NC for parental caregiving, I've worked in the disability field for 12 years, everything from Direct Support in group homes to Residential Management to my current position as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Executive Director. The Direct Support and Management jobs were very hands on and it became clear to me early on that being proactive about Self-Care is extremely important. Once you are tired, drained and burnt out, not only are you feeling badly but you are not your best self for your caree. Thanks so much for all of your work in this great caregiving community!