Getting Ready for Respite!


Getting Ready for Respite!

miceElly has been "Just Fine" lately, thanks for asking. :)

We have seen a bit of bounce back from our troubles in October. Maybe getting past 93 years of age is a bit difficult? Elly's leg is still swollen since the toy bag incident and still bends at a crazy angle. She has had a few days in the week where she says she just can't stand at the stove or counter so I am MORE than willing to fix lunch or clear dishes! There are a few more items that have new found homes in the drawers so I don't know if she just forgets where they go or wants them in a different spot. I just replace them where I find them most of the time. I have noticed that Elly's appetite is steady although she says she isn't very hungry. A bowl of ice cream, tapioca pudding or leftover Halloween candy is never turned down. Sometimes she's taken three snack size Milky Ways for dessert! Elly is taking something for pain regularly so I know that something, likely her leg, is bothering her. She just doesn't like to talk about it. She rests her leg on her stool with the heating pad in her lap and watches TV or reads. I really wish she wouldn't watch Dr. Phil with those angry, messed up situations since I have a feeling she may impart some of those issues into her memory banks which may fuse into our family issues. We pray against that every day.

We have caught two mice in the kitchen, that's about the quota for the beginning of cold weather and I hope that holds true! Elly wasn't aware of the critters but I did ask her not to leave out the bread/toast and placed it in the microwave when left out. Awesome Hubby and I had both seen the critter running around the kitchen.

We are having more issues with food waste and it's not been something I have been able to solve other than to put fragile foods in the other refrigerator. When I make a salad, Elly dumps it into the washed lettuce container instead of keeping it in a leftover container. We end up with wet, slimy salad greens that should last a week. Our lunch meat goes bad because she heats up leftovers instead of asking me what I want or I tell her I will make a sandwich and still leftovers are heated. I end up throwing something out! AH and I just bite our tongues wishing we had a countdown timer to give us hope! Usually, I will go out for lunch when I get tired of this routine but I am saving my coins for Respite Time.

We are leaving for a week to go visit Arizona Family so I am counting on my sisters to figure how to attend to Grandma. I will make suggestions but it will be up to them! We'll have one night by ourselves on the way over before we do the family stays. Next week, I will be treating our Arizona family to some of my favorite meals and ice cream concoctions.

Happy Thanksgiving in case I don't get on again before then!

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Have a wonderful, wonderful break, EG. I'm looking forward to hearing all the details when you get back. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello everyone been awhile since my last update, jerry seem to be going thru diff stages lately I've have a rough two weeks so I ask the nurse(teri) is the greatest she even calls from home each night to check on us ,Can we do( Respite) I had a emotional break down sunday night I cryes for two hour straight, hubby found me and help me for severals hour even thou he was going thru his pain as well, the next day (teri) said she was taking him to RESPITE for the weekend and she wants me to go places where they have decorated for christmas and enjoy my slef, so my sister and I are going to paducah tn , I believe god has a sense of humor I didnt want anything to do with chistmas, But quess he had others plans(you cant go to big city without running into CHRISTMAS ( hahha) well here to an reboot weekend for my emotions before the next stage comes, Please eveyone enjoy the little moments, Also dont say you will never in silent of the night God may have diff plans for you like (CRISTMAS) Please everyone enjoy your THANKSGIVING also we had our early Love ya thanks for listening Willow


Have a great respite and Thanksgiving EG and AH. You two deserve it. So glad Elly has been doing well lately. Let's hear it for 93 year olds.