Getting Settled


Getting Settled

directory-235086_640Well I guess it is time to start settling in. My husband Tony is now in nursing home and no BiPAP machine.

What hard decision we had to make these last few days. So now the decisions are made.

Next to get settled with these decisions, from crying until my eyes hurt to calming from family and friends with their support. Telling people about our decisions and answering their questions hasn't been easy but all done.

So I guess I have come to another turn point in my caregiving and will have to face the next inevitable one. But for now this settling has started and onto the next.

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You are strong and couragous Kaz....hugs and prayers for both of you through this difficult time.

Lillie Fuller

love and prayers for the family! Thank you Kaz for keeping us posted!


I'm thinking of you and Tony, Kaz, and wishing you both much peace and comfort. I'm grateful you keep us posted as you can.