Give a CARE Talk


Give a CARE Talk

I love to watch TED talksred-75175_640, videos which feature "ideas worth spreading".

Which made me think: Why couldn't we do something similar?

Let's give CARE Talks, videos which feature insights worth sharing. A CARE Talk can be about any of these categories:

  • Caring and Connecting

  • Answers and Advocacy

  • Reflection and Results

  • Experience and Emotions

These categories mean whatever they mean to you. What do you know, what did you learn, what do you see that you want others to know? That's your CARE Talk. I've included the TED talk I watched this afternoon, below, to give you an idea of what you can share.

Anyone caring for a family member or friend can give a CARE Talk. If you are a former family caregiver (in the past, you've cared for a family member or friend), you can give a CARE Talk. Your caree could film a CARE Talk, with or without you.

So, turn on your cameras and start filming!

Once you've filmed your video, upload your completed video to YouTube (it's easy to create a free account) and then send me a link to the video. You can email me or, if you're a member, send me a private message through our site.

We'll feature your videos on and on our YouTube channel.

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