CareGifters: Giving to Hussy


CareGifters: Giving to Hussy

HussyandMrHussyThrough our CareGifters program, we fund caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time, as often as we can. We do our best to raise $500 to help a family caregiver in need.

Today, we’re raising money to help Hussy, a member since July of 2014. Hussy, who cares for her husband, Michael, has been an invaluable and compassionate friend to all of us. She makes us laugh, keeps us going and offers her help as often as she can. She's a treasure. You can connect with her on her profile page: @hussy.

We're raising money so that Hussy can spend as much time as possible with her husband, who entered hospice on Wednesday. In her CareGifters application, Hussy shares more about her situation: Tell us about your caregiving situation. For whom do you care? How long have you been in a caregiving situation?
Hussy: I care for my husband Michael, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2013. Tell us about your three most pressing concerns.
Hussy: My three most pressing concerns are:

1. Keeping my husband pain-free.
2. Filling his remaining days with as much love and care as possible.
3. Not having any regrets that I did not spend more time with him. How will receiving $500 help you?
Hussy: My husband made the decision on Wednesday to stop treatment and, when discharged from the hospital, to come home with hospice. I have burned through almost all of my paid time off. Although I qualify for FMLA, it is not financially feasible for us to go without my income. Receiving $500 would mean that I could take some unpaid time off to be at Michael's side and comfort him as he enters the last leg of his journey.

You can help by donating via the donation button at the bottom of this post. Your donation is tax deductible as our CareGifters program is part of our non-profit organization, The Center for Family Caregivers.

No donation is too small (or too large for that matter!). Thank you so much for your generosity.

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