Giving to Teresa


Giving to Teresa

(Update: We reached our goal! I sent $500 to Teresa on October 22! Thanks to all who gave!)

Teresa and her mom.

During our most recent chat on Twitter (next one is Sunday!), one of our regular participants, Teresa, shared that her last week had really been rough. We asked her to tell us more and then offered some suggestions for resources. Teresa had explored all the resources we suggested. I told her I would keep her mind if I could think of another organization that could help her.

And, then it finally occurred to me that we have help for her! I suggested she apply for help through our CareGifters program, which she did. So, beginning today, we're raising money to help Teresa.

In her application, Teresa described caring for her mom, who is mentally ill and has diabetes and seizures, and their struggles:

The priority is seeking out urgent dental consultation so I can begin to stabilize my own health to be stronger for my mom's care and my own. I do not have any other means or familial support.

The money will allow me to save some in the case of an emergency to use for transportation, such as when my mom will be in-patient for neurological tests. She would be able to attend a program. I would be able to attend a support group. We could also visit my grandma.

It will also assist with household supplies, over-the-counter medications, an assistant to help me clean to maintain our apartment and do laundry, and make sure our cell phones are reliable rather than ones that do not work. It will help more in the long-run, however will make a huge difference now.

I have learned to be very creative and crafty with budgeting. It will make a HUGE difference for my mom and me.

My self-care has been neglected, which worsens my chronic illnesses. I am in urgent need for a dental consultation to assess oral disease and infection. I only have ten teeth with no partials. I must be healthy to care for myself and mom.

Managing my household on my own with an aging parent who is ill is not easy. Much has fallen to the wayside, especially household chores, such as deep cleaning and large lots of laundry. Unexpected expenses of breaking appliances and technology, which I rely on seem to be adding yet one more thing to my "to-do" list.

I am not capable of doing deep cleaning on my own on top of my caregiving responsibilities. If I could pay another to help or do it for me, it would be a blessing!

Lastly, the cost of transportation is a great issue for Mom and I. I like to have a reserve of cash saved for unexpected trips using Para-transit Disability Services. We have not been able to visit my grandma in the nursing home due to distance. It is hurting all of us and creating more feelings of hopelessness. In addition, a support group and program that would help my mom greatly is not being utilized because our fixed budget does not allow for it.

Today, we’re raising $500 to help Teresa, who will be our eighth CareGifters recipient. You can donate via the button below. You can donate as little (just $5) or as much as you can–we are very grateful for any contribution you make. After Teresa receives her $500, she’ll share how she used it and its impact on our websites ( and and Your Caregiving Journeytalk show.
You can donate below. CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your donation. (Please note: The Center for Family Caregivers does not currently have tax exempt status with the IRS so donations are not tax deductible.)
Thanks so much to all who help!!!