You were packed and ready. You were at the front door. You were ready to go.

Until caregiving came in through the back door.

So, you put down your bag. You took of your coat. You stayed.

It's okay that you have moments in your heart when you still want to Go.

As you stay, make a compromise with Go. Bring in what you were were going to: A trip, a career, a goal. Maybe the form of the trip, career or goal changes, but you can still go. Read travel magazines and books. Take online courses to keep your career skills sharp. Challenge yourself with a different kind of goal. Keep in touch with family members and friends through Skype and Facebook. Ask your book club to meet at your house.

And, when you can, Go. Perhaps you can't go for as long as you'd like. Still Go. Go and enjoy your neighborhood, your community, our world.

When you Go, the staying becomes much easier.

When caregiving comes, you can still go on with your life. You can.


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