God's Tender Mercies


God's Tender Mercies

Mercy is his nature, and what he delights in; it is abundant, and he is plenteous in it the fountain of mercy is with him, and numerous are the streams which flow from it, called "the multitude of his tender mercies"

I lifted the quote above from the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament. There is quite a bit more in that reading but I needed something to say what I want to say at this moment and so pulled out the part above. I would not do so if I were specifically teaching about mercy. Anyway, enough said, here goes:

Tender Mercies are abundant. They overflow as from a fountain. Here are some of the tender mercies I see and, yes, at times, I have to choose to see them because my path is hard and I become bitter. I lift up my eyes and look for some of them. At other times they are evident everywhere I turn and I find joy. A caregiver's heart needs tender mercies and joy.

A tender mercy is the insistence of a friend of mine that she will wash my dishes and that is the end of the story.

A tender mercy is a huge hug from a young gentleman at church who gives the best hugs around and means them.

A tender mercy is stepping outside and breathing in fresh air after a long and exhausting day of caregiving.

A tender mercy is that small bunny who ran across the street yesterday. He was a blur and I was so grateful he made it.

A tender mercy is watching a guy on a motorcycle stop on our back road to encourage a turtle to move on before traffic ended the turtle's life.

A tender mercy is my husband moving over to sit with me on the couch this week and putting his arm around me while we watched t.v. He has not done that in years.

A tender mercy is a small child in WalMart peeking around their mother and giving me a huge grin.

A tender mercy is realizing there is enough food in the refrigerator to get us through until we get paid.

A tender mercy is the smell of rain and the electricity of lightning in the air.

A tender mercy is reaching in my pocket and pulling out a five dollar bill.

A tender mercy is a hug from my son that says everything without words.

A tender mercy is the calling out of a bird perched high up in the pine tree and the reply from another bird that I cannot see.

A tender mercy is hot and cold running water and air conditioning and a car with gas in the tank.

A tender mercy is an unconditional love I receive from my church family who bless me in unexpected ways all the time.

A tender mercy is my sister taking the care of our mother over and doing such a fabulous job.

A tender mercy is finding flowers in the bathroom that my friend whom I call Strawberry Shortcake picked and placed without my knowledge.

A tender mercy is a gift of being able to help someone else from time to time.

A tender mercy is a place in my heart that fills with gratitude and then sorrow and then humility and then gratitude over and over again.

A tender mercy is knowing that I know that I know that God has only just begun pouring out His tender mercies and knowing that I can pass them on and on and on.

A tender mercy is hearing my husband's breathing over the baby monitor tonight and feeling relief.

A tender mercy is all the many wonderful people I am meeting on chats and online groups who pour out themselves in the service to other caregivers. We lift each other up ever so tenderly.

You, you are a tender mercy to me. Believe it!


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Excellent post Lark!\r\nI like where you said, \" I have to choose to see them because my path is hard and I become bitter.\"\r\nI can totally relate to that. Its so easy to get stuck in the \"hard and bitter\" of the days and loose sight that I have a choice whether I see those tender mercies, whether I choose to \"receive\" them. \r\n Just as another \"hard\" day will most likely be waiting for me, so are God's tender mercies waiting, everyday, for me to receive.


Thank you for the reminder.


Beautiful reminders. May we take time each day to give and receive tender mercies in our life.


Lisa Cozart

Thank you for reminding me of this and to take time for the tender mercies in life. It has been a rough day and it was just what I needed today.