Good Days Make Me Wonder What She's Up To


Good Days Make Me Wonder What She's Up To

Last night was the first home game for the high school. I'm on the school board so I have two tickets to all home games. Mom always liked football - she went to all her high school games as a student, conversely I never went to any of mine. Mom was a popular girl - junior high cheerleader - which is weird because all my life she's been an introvert (extremely so). Marrying young, divorcing less than two years later with a not-quite-year-old baby (me) and never getting any support for me from my father must have hit her confidence like a sledge hammer. Me on the other hand nerd all the way. At any rate, we went to the game and unlike last year, actually stayed for all of it. It was chilly. Needed blankets and sweatshirts. But she enjoyed it. Last year in better weather we barely made it to half time.

Today a bit of an issue with my not putting the TV on and needing to run the vacuum - I ran the vacuum anyway ignoring the foot stopping, heavy sighing and nasty looks. Once done with that I made lunch and turned on her precious TV - to Netflix.

This afternoon, no fight over the weekly pre-church shower. She even laughed all the way through it and admitted that she felt better afterwards. Stayed still for lotion, deodorant and even a bit of her perfume. Even got her hair to look decent. I actually think it isn't as thin as it was. Maybe four months of a better diet is helping? Got through church and onto the weekly meal at McDonald's with no trouble - even got out of there without wearing 80% of our dinner. Went to the video store around the corner and picked up a couple. She enjoyed Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them a lot.

So a good 24 hours.

She's going to bed at 9:00 now. Just two weeks ago it was 10:00. Not getting up any earlier or getting up during the night and wandering the house - if she is up in the middle of the night she isn't leaving her room. She's sleeping 11 hours or more a night. Doctor says she's physically in good shape so not sure what that is all about. She's not dragging herself off to bed, or leaving in a huff, just matter-of-fact off she goes.

It's a three-day weekend so who the hell knows what the next two days will bring. We have no plans. Okay, I have no plans. Some cleaning I have been meaning to do and a TON - seriously four feet high pile - of ironing.

Silly as it may sound after today and last night I am wondering what the hell she is up to...

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Glad for the good moments you had together. Hope you'll be able to accomplish even more than you expect today.


My goodness! What is she up to indeed? We live in a strange world when better behavior is suspicious. LOL I think it is great you could get out with her even if you were scratching your head and wondering what in the heck is going on. As they say in Loved your post.a program I attend, \"More will be revealed.\"


Oh yeah, when's the shoe going to drop. I know that one. I'm glad you got to go to the game and your mom lasted through it. Hopefully if she's up to something, it will be a minor inconvenience for you and the less stress time will far outweigh any inconvenience!