Good News!


Good News!

shoes-587648_640I went for my physical yesterday. I was diagnosed as prediabetic last year. This, as you know, has probably been one of the worst years of my life. I was dreading this physical. My eating habits were not stellar and I was certain my A1C would be worse.

Lo and behold, my A1C is NORMAL!! I am not even prediabetic anymore! I guess the exercise really does work. They say you can control diabetes with 150 minutes of weekly exercise, and they are correct. I do Silver Sneakers three times a week for one hour each time and I actually lowered my A1C.

So nice to have good news at Thanksgiving. A lot to be grateful for this year.

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Yippee!! Such good news.


So glad for you, Sharon! That thankfulness comes from hard work on your part, so good for you and everything you did (what you gave up, what you embraced) to make a change in your lifestyle. I understand the dreading of the doctor appointment, and so glad you were happily surprised. Enjoy your holiday.