Good News and Some Bad


Good News and Some Bad

Janet_GranddaughterGood news! Mom's long-term care insurance will be back-dated to May 12. Mom has a 100-day service day deductible which mean as of last Friday we have 65 days. Our old/new CNA started back today for eight hours a day, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. and two hours on each day of the weekend. She is wonderful with my mom, which means I can leave without worrying about her.

Sort of bad news: I have to start getting injections in my back again, in different place than where I had surgery in March. It just mean I will be down for a couple days.

I told my hubby he needed to go up to Ocala, Fla., to visit the woods and his friends up there. During these last two months, he hasn't had anytime to himself. He is not complaining, but after 35 years I know when my hubby needs time away from the family. Hopefully my brother (younger) will jump in and help and nieces will also help. I do have our CNA coming in for a couple hours both days.

My mom turns 90 years old on the 25 of September this year and we are have a big celebration. Mom at one time called it a wake ( our religion doesn't even have wakes). Anyway she wanted to be alive to see what people would say about her when she dies. I know it's sound creepy but sometimes Mom is just like that. I have her two sisters coming in from Ohio and Pennsylvania. I am inviting anyone who has known her forever. I have a group a group that sings and dances to music from the 30's through 50's. I have a catering service to do everything. We are hoping it will be a party to remember. I have always said I would have loved to be party planner. I know how to do things cheaply but elegant.

Mom has been doing pretty good. She has been obeying all the doctor's orders that were given last week. We just make sure make sure she has all her anxiety pills.

Hope everyone have a great week. Here a picture of our granddaughter this morning.

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Hi Janet--I love that you are great at party-planning. :) That's an awesome skill.\r\n\r\nI'm glad the favorite CNA is back! What happened that you got her back?


Good luck on your party planning! Have you ever seen the 2009 movie, \"Get Low\" with Robert Duvall and Bill Murray? Robert Duvall is planning his own wake and Bill Murray is his party planner (funeral director). The acting is wonderful. Hope all your plans go swimmingly. You're in good company with such an idea! Thanks for sharing all the news that's fit to print.