Good People Still Exist


Good People Still Exist

gift-444519_640This disease certainly separates the wheat from the chaff. When my husband, Rod, was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD), and all the neighbors said the standard "If there is anything we can do...", I wrote a letter describing the diagnosis and outlining a "can do" list, like help him in the garden, take him for coffee, join me for lunch, etc. Well, we had a few neighbors really step up.

We got leftovers for dinner, they mowed the lawn, etc. There was a set of neighbors, who, ironically, are real twins. We call them the double D's -- Debbie and Donna. They came and weeded the garden more times than I could count. They delivered baked goodies to the mailbox regularly, they provided us with many dinners (even bringing an unbaked chicken pot pie to put in the freezer for the night I go to support meeting, so MY twins had dinner). They watched the house when we were out of town and took care of our pond.

Well, last night, they texted me. They asked what I was doing October 23. I said nothing. They said, Good, because we talked to your son, he is coming up to stay at the house and we are kidnapping you for an entire girls day out. I gasped as I read the text, then started crying. These wonderful women made all the plans to give ME a day to have a fun girls day. In this recent climate of poop tossing at anyone who you disagree with, it is good to know there are real decent people in this world. I am honored to call them friends.

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What a blessing and gift! ENJOY your time!!


Good people, indeed! Have a great time!

Lillie Fuller

This will be a wonderful treat for you!!!


This is awesome!!!