Goodbye to Callie Kitty


Goodbye to Callie Kitty

Although it has been three plus years since Mom and her cat Callie Kitty moved in with me and over a year now since Mom has been gone, Callie has never adjusted.

She continues to hide a lot, snarl at the other cats, get growlly and bitey with me and worse of all ignore the litter box to go everywhere else including on my stove.

Despite medications, special food, calming tools (collar, treats, diffuser) she is still only slightly social and clearly miserable.

So tomorrow morning she will be crossing the Rainbow Bridge to be with Mom.

I feel awful. I know in my head I have tried everything. I also know that Mom’s will said that if I couldn’t care for Callie she was to be let go. She didn’t want her to go to a shelter or be rehomed.

In my heart though I feel like I have let Mom down, a failure. I feel as though I am killing her cat, not setting her free.

It is always hard to lose a pet, even when they are ill. She’s not physically ill although she has had chronic UTI problems this whole time it hasn’t been life threatening by any means. She eats well... just isn’t happy. No one can be when you’re afraid all the time which she seems to be.

Also, by letting Callie go I am losing the last living connection to my mother.

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CatKBorn, I'm so sorry this happened. It sounds like you tried everything under the sun to alleviate Callie's misery. I can appreciate why you feel as though you let your mother down. In my eyes you honored your mother's wishes by caring for Callie as best as you could.


So sorry, CatKBorn, to hear about this next door you had to walk through. You did enough and cared enough. Our hearts can be heavy and sad, but also find room for relief. I hope as time passes, you will find something positive to fill the space.