Grandma's Last Scripture


Grandma's Last Scripture

T256-1AAs many of you know, I care for my 85-year-old mom, Grace. She suffers from dementia. Grace also cared for her mother, Ruth, who died thirteen years ago at the age of 94. My mom suffered a stroke while my grandmother was in hospice. The stress on me during that time was great.

When I was little, Grandma Ruth had an unusual way of punishing me. She was a church-going woman and to punish me she would pick a scripture out of the Bible that pertained to my mischief of the week. I had to memorize it and then recite it to her and my grandpa. I really despised them at that moment but I never realized it would help me later on in life.

When Grandmother was in hospice  I visited her every day. I was exhausted because Mom had just had a stroke and we placed Mom in assisted living the week before to recover. That's a lot to deal with at 29 with two little kids, a husband and a full-time job.

Grandmother Ruth stopped eating, would talk in half sentences and seemed to be touch and go for days. One night I laid my head on her bed and felt defeated. I felt a little hand on my head and I looked up and she said, "Don't you know a day in Heaven is better than 1,000 days on earth? You should know that." Then she shook her head disgusted like I was an idiot for not knowing she was going to a better place. I couldn't remember where that scripture was and I laughed because she knew I didn't remember either.

I guess that was her last lesson for me to learn and a scripture I will never forget. Psalm 84:10: "For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand."

When I get tired from taking care of my mom I hear, "Be not weary in doing  good because later your reward will be great." I feel that somehow she whispers that to me still. So my punishment of reciting  scripture did pay off and I am glad that is my last memory with Grandma Ruth. She passed soon after speaking those words.

I shared this story to make sure that those of you that are nearing the final stages of caregiving don't lose hope. I found comfort in knowing some form of peace and humor can come from your caree  and or from up above in your darkest moment.

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I love this! I love the gift your grandmother gave you. :)