Grandpa Had a Stroke


Grandpa Had a Stroke

hospital-292568_640I got my Grandpa up yesterday and could tell something was not right. So we drove him to the E.R. and yes he did have a stroke.

They put a tube down his throat to persevere his airway when he was in the ER. When he came up to ICU, as a family we decided to take the tube out and let nature take its course.

Please pray for my Grandpa Bob and our family. Thank you.

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Hi Yolanda--Just wondering how things are? Let us know as you can. \r\n\r\nI'm grateful you had a moment to be strong for yourself by simply letting it out.


Thank you all for your support! We are making plans to move him to a nursing facility for hospice care . Yesterday I went home to take a shower everyone was at the hospital so the house was empty it felt so strange but it gave me a chance to wail and cry without anyone to hear and for a moment I felt better.


My prayers are with you and Grandpa Bob and his family. I know this is a difficult time of decisions and sharing together as a family. Please keep us updated, (((Hugs))).


Thank you <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@lookingheavenward</a> I appreciate it.


You all are in my prayers- I am so sorry - I know this is a very difficult time. Hugs to you all

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