Grandpa's Funeral Is Today


Grandpa's Funeral Is Today

Photo 2014-04-14 09_21_10As I told you all in my last blog, Grandpa had a stroke on 11/11/2014, Veteran's Day, his favorite day.

He passed away on 11/16/2014. He gave us five more days for his family to gather together to say our goodbyes and our I love you's. I kissed his scruffy cheek like I always did but this time trying to remember exactly how his whiskers felt on my lips so I wouldn't forget. I tried to remember his scent but sadly he smelled like hospital.

He was there when I was born and I was there moments after he passed. People have often told me my that Grandpa was lucky to have me taking care of him but really I'm the lucky one. Now you all know that caregiving is far from easy but very rewarding. I'm the one that got to see him, love him, kiss him, get kissed by him every day. I have a few regrets that are mine to deal with but I already know what Grandpa would say, "Don't worry about it Mija." So I know my regrets will fade with time.

The last two weeks we have been preparing for Grandpa's funeral and reception today. The work has kept me busy but the finality of today is getting hard to deal with. I know my journey with my Grandpa is far from over, I know I will see him again when the good Lord calls me home.

So until then I will love him from here. As I would say to him on many a night, "Goodnight Grandpa, I love you."

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John Parks-Coleman

Yolanda, I know you love your Grandpa so very much; and, I'm so sorry that he was called home. He will always be a part of you; and, his love for you will always be a part of what makes you who you are...a caring and loving Woman with a heart as big as Texas.

Lillie Fuller

I'm sorry for your loss. Your grandpa will always be in your heart, people we are so close to have a way of remaining with us, it will get easier. You are blessed for getting to care for him and knowing him probably better than anyone. It's a great feeling isn't it.


Thank you all for the love and support. It was a sad day but also a good day. I was able to get through my little speech, shaky but I did it. @Chaya I was just telling my mom I look like Grandpa in that picture she looked at me like I was crazy lol. I'm glad you see the resemblance.


I'm so sorry for your loss. What a blessing to have had such a loving relationship with your grandfather!


You are in my thoughts, Yolanda. I hope the service is everything you want it to be.

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