Grateful I Found


Grateful I Found

sunset-620001_640(Editor's Note: We welcome Janet, who cares for her husband, to our blogging team. You can connect with Janet on her profile page: @janetmorrison.)

For years I've been caregiving with no regrets and always grateful that I've been able to take care of my husband and aging parents.

So my husband has been immobile since 2004, when he had a below the knee amputation.  The immobility is a result of the combination of his ms, juvenile diabetes and the amputation.  It has been a gradual downhill descent, compounded with some bad decisions.Were they bad decisions at the time?  No.  At the time they were good.  Move closer to our son, have my 2 horses on our property, so he could enjoy watching them and have the house completely handicap accessible with access to the outside.  You see, I always thought he'd get better but never saw the decline in his health and mobility.  I still work full-time in my straight commission sales.  I actually still enjoy and love working.

The challenge is his declining health and maintaining the care he needs as well as the upkeep of my job, animals and property.  It all takes time and money.  The balancing act has become extremely difficult.  I was always able to do everything, no issues or complaints.  Until, recently that is.

So many family and friends just don't understand the true dynamics of his health.  Because he is immobile and unable to do anything for himself it's not easy to leave the house for more than an hour or so and the cost to have someone come in is pretty much cost prohibitive.

I had joined the a couple of years ago but never got active or used their resources.  I'm not sure why I didn't but I reactivated a few days ago.  It has made a tremendous change in my life.  Yes, only a couple of days but it's HUGE!  The informative blogs, suggestions, tips...well the list is endless and I'm only just scratching the surface.  I see they have a coaching course so I'm recharged to get my sales up so I can pay for the course in April.  Wowzers....just the thought of putting the energy into something that gives back to the community in positive say is inspiring!!

Thank you Denise, for putting together such a wonderful resource for caregivers everywhere.  You are truly blessed.

Have a great day all :-)

Janet Victoria

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I'm so glad you are jumping back in and blogging! And, it was great to see you in the chat. :)\r\n\r\nKeep writing and keep updating us. We all care for you and want you to be the best you can be. Really!!


I am also grateful to have found this group. (I'm pretty new here myself) What a relief to find I'm not as alone as I too often feel. When I read stories like yours, and others here, I'm continually amazed at how similar our struggles really are.

Lillie Fuller

Thank you for sharing! I look forward to hearing more. We have chats a couple of times a day, please join us when you can. You can find them listed on the calendar. Thank you for being here.